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To my high school self
I feel like when i log into livejournal I'm logging into a snapshot of self. I feel like the krista contained here is not the krista i am now. And I feel like could the krista I am now meet the krista of yore, she'd say the following.

First of all, you're right. The people you don't think really care about you don't. But there are many people who do. Recognize them, stop wasting your time on the shitheads.

Second, there will be people who want to sleep with you. And love you. Don't worry about nobody wanting you in high school.

Work out. Love your body now. IT just gets harder.

Don't defend callee against frank. She's a bitch and he sticks by you through some pretty tough shit.
Don't waste your time with dean. seriously.

Treat ryan better. That is to say, don't date him a second time. Nothing good comes of that.

You learned a lot from him, but in the end you're not meant to be. Your parents story is something nice, but not something to follow.

Keep your job at Fazolis. Southside may have friends, but in the end it's a better move for you.

Recognize what has happened to you. It is terrible. And people probably don't want to talk about it. But you'll be ok. And it'll eventually shape your life into something wonderful.

write more. you're good.

In the end, I really have no regrets. Things happened for a reason. I'm happy for where I am, and love the people that are in my life. <3


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