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So as most of you (some of you?) may know, I've been doing comedy since April. It's been really exciting, and has brought me so many great things. But I'm not only doing it for that, for my voyeuristic, actress side.

Part of it is the idea of the comic as a cultural storyteller. I think it's fascinating that even in this day and age there's a place we go to hear people tell stories, which is what comics do. The comics turn it into legend at time. I love the fact that despite everything, we hold onto this.

Another part is a curiosity as to what comics can do/say about race/class/gender. Nearly all comics can (and do) make fun of gender. Is this because we're all embroiled in the gender debate? As for class, I find myself doing this, making fun of people in pontiac who act like they are lower class, becuase they come from a place of lower economic status than me. I wonder what gives me the right? As for race, I stay away from this, but not everyone does. CJ makes fun of racist whites, and himself for not fitting into the black race. He censors himself, and I wonder what the implications are of this. He says it's because of his future career, but I wonder what it does on stage.

There's a billion questions I have. Does the comic have any responsibility to be knowledgeable about these issues? Do we actually do any good by discussing them, or does the way we do it negate anything we could bring up? I talked to Billi Casey about it, and she's hopeful that we do good. That we make people question their own beliefs by presenting them with a person that is likeable in most ways to them. However, then we present them with something that is outside their realm of comfort (for her, a single mother of biracial children) and it makes them question. Are they going to dislike her because of that one thing? Or change who they are? I don't know the answer to that.

And I'm not sure I agree with her when she says we have no more responsibility once we're off stage. I don't know what our responsibility is, maybe to just be a sorce of knowledge. But I think there's something.

tl;dr: come see me labor day weekend in the semi finals!

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yesterday was 2 months. weird. <3 I'm a lucky lady.

Week three
Starting to get a handle on this job. Which is nice. Pontiac is something else though. Had 2 sandwiches thrown at me, called a fucking bitch, and today two guys were yelling at me from this car wash down the street, laughing and telling me I finally found a job that I could do.

Because having nothing else to do on a thursday but hang out at a car wash spells success.

It bothers me. They don't know me at all, why the need to attack me? It's times like this that I lose hope for humanity. It's just malicious, and that makes me sad.

but really, there's more that gives me hope than that doesn't. And it's nice to feel competent.

Nickel and Dimed
Reading this book made me all kinds of depressed. Mainly because it's so very close to the life I've lived thus far in my life. This past year I had the best jobs I've ever had, and now they're gone. But mostly I've spent hours on my feet, slaving away in food service or customer service, or some other kind of service.

Always hoarding hours, always calculating how much I'm getting. This new job at Arby's reminds me of how great I had it. (I miss my office job :( ) But seriously, after eight hours I'm wiped, and then drive home at least half an hour.

I guess it's not bad work. And some of the people there are at least characters (like the lady who told me satan was in my soul) And I'm management? Which is something. (not really) Every time someone finds out i'm training to be a manager there's a look of, i don't know shock maybe? And I'm exposed to both kinds of gossip. I know who the managers want to fire, and I know what the employees are saying. Which is weird. I kind of avoid letting people know I'm a manager, and I'm wondering if this will kick me in the butt. I already know of 2 people I could get fired, because I've seen them do things the manager has told me he would fire them over. But I'm not saying anything. You know why? I'm not fucking dumb. I'm not going to be that guy.

But at the same time, I know if there were any benefit to being that guy, I'd probably do it. But it's a balance. You are scary enough to get people to work, but not so scary that they refuse to talk to you, making the entire experience socially miserable.

Speaking of social miserables, i've been asked out? I've never been so glad to have a boyfriend. Because I gotta say, not a fan of someone who's worked at a Pontiac arby's for three years. Which is probably classist and shitty, but he's also socially awkward. He continually tries to impress me with comic book knowledge, because I let it slip that CJ talks to me about it. I almost feel bad for him. But he stares at me. Which is weird because they gave me a 3XL shirt, and I'm clearly not a 3XL. So instead of a short sleeved polo, I have a long sleeved tent. I roll it up and tie it back, but shiiiiiiiiit. I can't help it that I have have dinosaur arms.

And part of me just feels like a social pariah. I asked for book recommendations, and got stares. I make jokes about my store manager Ishmael, hunting for whales, and get stares. I mention I go to ISU and get stares. I mention I shower daily and get stares. That last one may be made up because I'm cranky. They're nice people, really. I'm just being a snob. :(

It's not that I feel I'm better than them, I just feel like a jerk for being who I am, and so I'm striking out the only way I know possible. ON THE INTERNET.

Just gotta stay positive I guess? I feel bad going into it with an attitude of "I'm just doing this to get through school." Because then it seems I'm putting myself above the ladies who have done this THEIR ENTIRE LIVES.

but shiiiiiit. A year from now I'll be in grad school, and teaching. Which is a lot more appealing than going in at 4 tomorrow and slicing beef for 8 hours. Yup, sure is. And I'm going to make it happen, cause I hate roast beef now and that was my favorite.

In conclusion: the book was good, if depressing. I hate my job, but I'm working toward something. And it's all about balance.

And it continues!
Day 02: Your Favorite Sweet Dish

Unlike Ryon, I'm not much a fan of sweets. I'm more of a salty girl. But nothing makes me happier than a brownie sunday. Except sharing it with someone I care about. Which is really the best part of dessert, sharing. I also like banana's foster.

In other news: I smell like roast beef. Which is not a great smell. I forgot what eight hours of fast food felt like. And I gotta tell you, I blocked it out for a reason.

Because I'm bored.
I'm doing this meme with Ryon. Because I suck at blogging and maybe answering questions will help me.

Day 01: Any dietary restrictions?

Nothing officially. I HATE kidney beans, and forcing me to eat a pile of them, no matter how small, reduces me to a puddle of tears. But re-fried beans? Great with. To me it seems like kidney beans are re-fried beans stuffed into some unnatural casing. It just doesn't do anything for me textually.

As a child i would throw a tantrum during chili night. Now, I still don't eat the beans with gusto, but I've learned to swallow without chewing.

Other than that, I'm not a super picky eater. Garbanzo beans are the same as kidney. Really, any kind of bean except green in their natural states don't thrill me. But you know, I'll try anything once.

I sometimes claim food allergies to avoid eating food that I don't want to.

Also: I'm about 70% vegetarian. I like meat, and will eat it should the opportunity present itself. But if I'm able to make the choice, I'll go veggie in many occasions. I'm a sucker for boca burgers and boca chicken.

Do more with this.
I know a boy.
He is from Sri Lanka.
He writes beautiful prose.
His writing smells of color.
It tastes of life.
He has beautiful browns on his body.
Brown eyes
Brown Hair
Brown skin
He is beautiful.

I know a boy.
He has MS.
I may not know him long.
But he is beautiful.

I know a boy.
He and I got coffee.
We talked about where we came from
opposite sides of the world.
But similar minds.
He says I can write.
My writing is full of love.
even if it's about hate.

I know a boy.
I wish I was as beautiful as him.

If I hear one more drift pun, imma snap.
Doing the comedy thang.

Which lead to me meeting drift. There's def. some issues there. Namely that he's 18. But really, I don't care.

He treats me good. He makes me laugh. He is smart.
This could all come crashing down.
But I hope it doesn't. And I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure it doesn't.

I really haven't felt this good about a person this quickly. I completely trust him. And that means, dear live journal friends (do I have any left?) that if/when this gets bad, you get to deal with it. And it'll be a hard fall.

The shitty part is my best (lady) friend is going through her first real heartbreak. So, no gushing for me. I almost feel like there's nobody I can really talk about him to. CJ already knows, and I feel like anybody else it would be weird/awkward. And then she gives me a hard time because she hasn't met him yet. But She never wants to come to comedy nights, and is too sad to be happy for me.

It's not that I mind being there for her. I love her. But it's frustrating that for once my life is going pretty sweet (at least in the romantic department) and I feel like she doesn't care.

And by the time she does, this glowy romantic period of the relationship will be done.

In other news, I still need a job. :(

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I need a job.

anybody got any leads :(

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you're going to swell up on me today? I thought we left this shit in the dorms.

Not cool throat. Not cool. :(


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